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Who we are and why we breed English Shepherds

Aunt Lucille with baby cousin and Lucille's
Aunt Gert, (Elaine's Great Aunt) with friend


        Chico 1983
Erin Hischke, Elaine Reynolds, Ben Kozar  

Elaine's Aunt Lucille with  cousin and friend

We are a family that works together in our breeding programs to support and maintain the English Shepherd as a farmdog.  We are separate kennels with our own agendas but we work together for the preservation of the English Shepherd.  After going for twenty years without being able to find an English Shepherd, and wanting our grandchildren to always have the option of owning one of these wonderful dogs, we have been  breeding registered English Shepherds for the last fifteen years.

We feel that herding training can be beneficial to the English Shepherd, but selection for future generations of English Shepherds *must* be made on the merits of how the dog works with his farm family.  A well bred English Shepherd puppy should have a desire to please and enough innate herding instinct to be very useful when raised by the farmer who is his boss, teaching him the rules  of the farm in the daily routine, without  the need for professional trainers.

Mom Elaine was raised in Oklahoma and Southern Arkansas in the 50s and 60s where the Farmcollie landrace was predominantly relied upon and was common.  She currently lives in the Oklahoma panhandle where she raises her English Shepherds with Son Ben under the name Cimarron English Shepherds.

Daughter Erin was raised by an English Shepherd named Chico.  He was all a dog should be and is the inspiration for this breeding.  Erin lives with her family in Northeast Wisconsin with her husband, Dan, and four kids.  They are on a large dairy and run Sweet Grass Farm,  a small hobby farm specializing in grass fed meat, on the side.  Their English Shepherds are at the heart of their work.  They operate under the kennel name of Red Bank English Shepherds.

We breed English Shepherds because they are a talented worker on the farm and we are determined that English Shepherds cannot be at the end of their existence.  You can get a family friend at the humane society, but you'd be hard pressed to find such a valuable farm hand there!


The more things change, the more they stay the same...


Left- Ella Hischke and Sugarcreek Do I Feel Lucky, May, 2008



American Working Farmcollie Association

 American Livestock Breeds Conservancy

Click on the photo to see a six month old English Shepherd pup learning to herd cattle.